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Monday, 30 May 2016

Out of my depth? Never!

Second day at Hay. An opportunity to reinforce one's secretly held view one is Renaissance Man.

Must all businesses behave badly? Lord Browne (former exec with BP - Yes, that oil company!) thinks not.

In the early seventeenth century you could be burned alive for saying the Earth was not the centre of the Universe; then, thirty years later, publish a well-regarded treatise espousing just that view. What happened in between?

John Mullan (professor of English, UCL) and Howard Jacobson (author of novel My Name Is Shylock) as the greatest comic duo since Morecambe and Wise.

What are the problems science will never resolve? Marcus de Sautoy (maths professor, Oxford) lists them.

Algorithms, the key to computer usage, have their limitations. Basically it's all down to n-polynomial (fast, therefore good) and n-factorial (slow, therefore bad). Reckon you can solve Np-complete? There's a million-dollar prize in it if you can.

To misquote WS (Richard III) - RR's himself again.


MikeM said...

The colored fronting seems arbitrary. No hyperlinks there, and clearly not lecture titles. Puzzling, but good that you are feeling in your element. Are you only in up to your neck or are you "carping"? (This word just learned from my kayaking acquaintances, used to describe repeated failed attempts to right oneself from an inverted situation.

Roderick Robinson said...

MikeM: Sorry, didn't try to create any links; wasn't attempting to proselytise, just identify the sessions I'd attended. Carping, used more generally, means to complain in a repeated and unimaginative fashion. A frequent feature of life in the West Riding of Yorkshire, now more concisely known as West Yorkshire.

Blonde Two said...

Sounds like a health spa for the brain. Are your neurons firing on overtime now Robbie?