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Sunday, 3 June 2012

LdP: Time off from tonic sol-fa

Apologies for not being able to give Tone Deaf and its rewarding commenters my attention over these last few days . Had to squeeze in sonnets at the time I did so that LdPs and guests could get to Hay Festival.

Seen and heard (day one): review of world publishing, mathematical history to the Higgs boson (the God particle), a psycho-summary of life on earth according the System 1 basis of mental processes (the instinctive) and System 2 (the reflective and calculating), and the adorable and supremely confident Dr Susan Greenfield, neurosurgeon and wearer of incredibly tight trousers (Boy, has she earned the right!) on What Makes You You. Weather: grey and raining.

Day two. Failed attempt of Michael Ignatieff (educator, biographer, broadcaster, long-time resident in Britain) to become liberal prime minister of Canada, discussion with author of The Art Of Fielding (novel about baseball), discussion of "anti-fragility" factor in public affairs.

Day three. Lord Martin Rees (astronomer royal), what's probable and what's luck, what it means to music enthusiast to lose all hearing in one ear. approaching philosophy via wonder.


The Crow said...

So, did you have a good time?

Lorenzo da Ponte said...

The Crow: Welcome back. Terrible weather caused Mrs LdP and guests great sorrow. Me - I'm four times the man I was, intellectually.

See today's post.

Plutarch said...

Thought for a brief moment, given the context, that The Art of Fielding might be a dissertation on Henry Fielding. There is I imagine less art to be found in fielding in baseball than in cricket, but I am probably wrong having leant what little I know about baseball from novels.