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Sunday, 26 August 2012

Clever clogs amuse bouche

What I like about this unexpected confection is that the cake-icer was instructed to do the label in capital letters – that way the accents on père and supèrieur could be ignored. And yes, I know there a circumflex on château but who gives a fig about that? I am in fact a member of an informal pressure group meeting regularly at The Blogger’s Retreat (The Aldwych, London, England, Northern Hemi… etc) to discuss ways and means of getting the French to drop their little house-roof symbol.

In the evenings I am watching ITV4’s coverage of the Vuelta a España, the Spanish equivalent of the Tour De France. I have only ever spent 24 hours in Spain and am surprised to discover how scruffy it looks in the helicopter shots.

Music? Bruckner’s ninth is presently sounding off. It isn’t difficult or unmelodious, just fragmented. And, from time to time, portentous.

The birthday lunch awaits.

PS. As you can see Lorenzo da Ponte isn't my real name.


  1. Prost to the birthday boy!!! Hoch soll' er leben,hoch soll' er leben, dreiiiimal hoch. Hoch! Hoch! Hoch!

  2. Down the hatch! Many happy returns!

  3. "Statistics show that people who have the most birthdays live the longest" - anon.

    Happy Birthday, RR!

  4. That looks like one of those "...funny shaped bottles" Father warned us about.

    I hope you had a good day.

  5. RW (zS): We did, in fact, live quite high I can assure you.

    The Crow: The holds are now full and the hatches battened down.

    M-L: New Statesman, a left-wing weekly that would ensure the da Pontes were jailed if found reading it in say Intercourse, Pa, ran a competition for meaningless (but superficially persuasive) folk-sayings. While your quote doesn't fit the specifications one of the winners was "He digs deepest who deepest digs".

    Sir Hugh: It suggests claret (rather than burgundy) and I never drink claret. However at The Hardwick (for lunch) we drank the best champagne I have ever tried, a Laurent Perrier rosé. Your card was much appreciated but, alas, quite saddening. It evoked the TdF and the Armstrong revelations have rather undermined my appreciation for the moment.

  6. That's very pretty, I like the grapes and leaves. They make the green colouring from spinach I think, maybe the violet one is from aubergines?

  7. Lucy: Aubergines! How could you be so cruel? There's half a stone of cake yet to eat and now I'll be reminded of you every mouthful - and not favourably.

  8. Lucy: I had to reassure my brother (Sir Hugh), having received a private email "I felt sorry for Lucy".

    Lucy, I said, can jolly well look after herself.