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Wednesday, 7 November 2012

In UK trump can mean flatus

POST ELECTION Donald Trump has urged Americans to march on Washington and overthrow Obama given that the election was "a sham". Hmmm.  More on this later - much later.

Obama's victory speech tried to include everyone but had me worrying about the ones he'd left out. Tick Native Americans, untick politicking Republicans in the House.  However in a long list he did include "gay or straight" and that pleased me.

Asked when he first guessed Romney's wheels were coming off, a cynical BBC correspondent cited a GOP spokesperson who said: "Gotta vote Romney. Don't like what he's saying about abortion but, in my heart of hearts, I know he isn't going to do those things." Recommending a candidate because of his transparent mendacity didn't seem to be the way to go.

CHARITY GIVING You give so the fundraisers ring you up to give more. This irritates the hell out of me and if Amnesty International (to whom I give a fairly large monthly sum) do it again I'll stop the direct debit and switch it to the Old Donkey's Home (just to please Lucy). The exception is the ever glorious Médécins Sans Frontières who never nag. Here's an extract from a letter they sent to VR

... Currently you are donating £5/month on the 26th of the month as well as £15/month on the 26th of the month. We are unsure if these donations have been set up intentionally or in error... let me know whether or not you would like to continue with both of your gifts (or)... if you would prefer to cancel one of the donations.

Imagine! Inviting VR  to cancel a donation! In fact it was a cock-up and the single donation is now £20/month.


  1. Donkeys, Democrat or otherwise, thank you.

    I hate that pestering too.

  2. Special Olympics is my phone friend. I help them regularly, and they just have to call to thank me and ask for more.
    Perhaps after this election the Republicans won't block every legislative initiative put forward by the administration.Yeah, right, Scott.
    This approaching 'fiscal cliff' was signed off by Republicans; they seem to forget that in their sniping. Hunter S Thompson was right: politics is not fun anymore.