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Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Better the year, better the deed

AS A LABOUR of love I'm transferring the contents of VR's "books read" notebooks into a database. Not a negligible matter. At five entries per book (Author, title, date read, rating - out of 10, comments) over eight years (approx 220 books/year) that's 1760 book lines. In three days I've done 100 lines. The comments make it worthwhile, bearing in mind these judgments are often rushed off before catching a bus or leaving for local library. So for instance:

Just could not like this; found both style and plot annoying. Bookshop in late 19thC with Japanese and half French/half English son as proprietors, chase goblet supposed to represent missing link. Rating: 3

Dalziel, back from sick leave, asked by old friend to look into case of policeman missing seven years, whose wife he is going to marry. Evil black property developer with MP son is killed. Rating: 5

Better books are also read:

Heartbreaking story of very young woman widowed after one year of marriage in isolated village. 50s? Estranged in-laws but caring 14-year-old brother-in-law. Rating: 7
I SWITCH on CBBC channel for Zach, asking him what programme he has in mind. Horrible Henry, he says. When's that? I ask. He picks up Radio Times, turns to the correct page, runs a finger down the listings, and says: "Nine thirty-five." Zach is six. He's rotten at charades, though. Adopted a mole-like posture for all three of his words.

TWO women, one dead from heart attack, one frozen to death, discuss how they arrived in Hell. "Heard my husband was with his lover; rushed all over house trying to find her but failed," said one. "Pity you didn't look in the fridge first," said the other, "we might both have survived."


  1. I may have said it before but I am deeply impressed with VR's summing up of each of the many books she has read. Your labour is I am sure one of love but I would suggest that it is also a sort of reward to VR for her industry and persistence. And wit! Thanks to you both for the quotes

  2. VR's reading output amazes me too, plus all those notes! Good man you are to digitize them.

    A joke for the New Year! May yours and V's be full of laughter, fairy cakes and good health - happy new year to you both!

  3. I too keep a reading note book and find it useful, especially as I am now tending to forget some books I have read(too many G and Ts?). Love vr's summing up of plot etc. My note book is only (just)legible to me. Now I wonder if Alchemist has a spare moment....

  4. All: I have arbitrarily laid down a max. length for the comment which means some stuff must fall by the wayside. This is particularly sad when I detect passion (via anger and irritation) swelling up in what VR has written. Another element of interest arises when I find - on very rare occasions - I'm dealing with a book I myself have read. Often a higher rating alerts me and I'm fascinated to find whether our views coincide. Mostly they don't, which I regard as healthy. Decoding handwriting is something of a burden but here I know I mustn't complain; were our roles reversed VR would have far greater problems.