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Friday, 22 March 2013

How can women fancy men? Pt 2

It's my own fault, I've cried wolf too often, twice saying I was going to stop blogging yet reneging within twenty-four hours. I expected irritation, accusations of authorial naivete, or inanition from Part One. Instead I've accidentally misled readers into imagining I was trying to drum up interest (US: to shill, an under-used verb) in a forthcoming short story.

Pregnant with meaning though they may have seemed, the couple in Part One had only an exemplary function and will remain set in amber unless, of course, I go completely off the rails and this modest series takes a turn I cannot yet foresee.

Because of course the question contained in the title isn't a question. Women can fancy men because they do. They are coded to do so. And let me admit men are similarly coded but, in this series, I have no interest in that.

So let's repeat that stark statement: women can fancy men because, to tweak Martin Luther, Sie können nicht anders. With one or two minor exceptions.

Put concisely this law depresses me. The fact that women cannot choose meaningful relationships with Mount Aconcagua, Cuvier's gazelle, Hogarth's The Shrimp Girl, the Post Office Tower or a referendum in Switzerland, certainly diminishes the value - in broad terms - of the relationship they get stuck with. After all one woman here on Earth went even further. Choosing me out of several billion others she passed through an acutely embarrassing ceremony in order to make nearness to me a permanent state. I was surprised and overjoyed. It felt like a heck of a compliment, but suppose her choice had been infinite. See what I mean?

It is with a heavy heart that I now see this series will run to Part Four. At least.


  1. Rather more than one or two exceptions, and not altogether so minor, but still.

    There's a Robert Graves poem, 'A Slice of Wedding Cake', which raises similar questions. However, it ends:

    'Or do I always over-value woman
    At the expense of man?
    Do I?
    It might be so.'

    For a start if we were so bloody clever we'd be able to see through all those sexual stratagems and insincere responses, wouldn't we?

    Keep up the good work however, and who knows, you may be able to convince future generations of females to opt for lesbianism and celibacy! Though frankly there are plenty of women I wouldn't want to hook up with, give me an obtuse, hairy or balding man any day...

  2. Lucy: Had I known that poem I'd never have bothered. It is, of course, at the heart of this four-part series though it will not (perhaps should) play a part in the final revelation.

    How wise quoting it makes you seem. But then you are pretty wise anyway.

    I had only omitted references to lesbianism and celibacy to keep things simple. But I accept you've made the case for their inclusion in Part Three, whatever else has to be cut out.

    Thanks for seeing in an instant what I am up to.

  3. I was going to add, though, not just any hairy/balding obtuse man...

    I would not at any time presume to see in the least what you might be up to.