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Saturday, 23 March 2013

How can women fancy men? Pt 3

Summarising: To maintain humanity women need to find men attractive A poor deal for women, as I shall explain. A system "with minor exceptions", I said previously, but Lucy adds "not so minor", citing lesbianism and celibacy. I agree about lesbianism and would go further; not just on behalf of women who have come out but for the larger total who have experimented. Proof that the Intelligent Designer (that ironic entity) had a bad day at the drawing board.

Celibacy is a more dubious option which needs more space than I have. It also needs dividing into voluntary and imposed states and may still be minor.

Men are a poor deal because:

They rationalise then start wars.

Having started/finished a war, they spend aeons celebrating the glories they experienced therein.

Men become obsessed by sport which is bad enough. But some take up dangerous sports (motor racing, climbing) which overrule both connubial and familial responsibilities.

When death overtakes a dangerous sport practitioner he is ennobled (by other men) instead of being escorted to a suicide's grave.

Men's needs traduce the wonder of publishing. Women's porn may exist, but there is no doubt about men's porn.

Not naturally ingenious, men rise to the heights in devising pay systems which discriminate against women.

Men have an inexact idea about improving their attractions, often accidentally increasing their sexual appeal to other men.

Men appear to fear ballet.

Primitive ideas about physical dominance over women are not confined to primitive living conditions.

Men assume parenthood reluctantly.

Astute readers (No gender, no pack-drill) will recognise some of the above are included via my personal experience.

Much of what I've said is obvious. Part Four, the final part, will explain why I said it.


  1. Women fancy men when they get out from under their feet, and go off to war, or plough fields, or watch football or booze. Their constant presence by the hearth where their charms, with familiarity, wear thin would quickly put an end to the human race. On the other hand if men reared children and women ran the world! a neighbour of ours is the husband of a female diplomat. He describes himself as a house-husband, takes the children to school and walks the dog. And like many housewives at home all day he loves to talk. We should beware of stereotypes. I have been trying to remember the Yeats poem in which he meditates upon women's potential to choose odd mates. It is A Prayer for my Daughter. He writes:
    "Helen being chosen found life flat and dull
    And later had much trouble from a fool,
    While that great Queen, that rose out of the spray,
    Being fatherless could have her way
    Yet chose a bandy legged smith for man.
    It's certain that fine women eat
    A crazy salad with their meat
    Whereby the Horn of Plenty is undone."

  2. Joe: The field widens enormously with each passing thought. My aim has been to keep it narrowly focused even if this has left me guilty of generalisation. But there is a point, I hope. See Pt 4. The Yeats is terrific.

  3. You probably know the whole poem. In case you don't it's worth tracking down.