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Wednesday, 8 May 2013

The Rs, sub-atomically speaking

This significant moment (May 7 2013, 18.05, Belmont, County of Hereford, England) in the combined lives of VR and RR was captured as an arrangement of pixels, flushed through the Large Hadron Collider, bombarded with rampant electrons and emerged, somewhere in Switzerland, with a whole range of sub-particles identified and (conveniently) numbered. Click pic for greater truths.

Why significant? The temperature was about 21 deg C, the following day was predicted to be rain-swept (This did ensue.) and it was a case of Carpe Diem: our first patio drinkie-poo this year.

1. Quite fashionable shawl round VR's shoulders proved to be unnecessary.

2. The previous weekend we agreed: if we persisted with our director's chairs (collapsible, low-slung, created from aluminium tubing and canvas) we would, one day, have to call the fire-brigade to have ourselves extracted. Hence new all-metal chairs.

3. Book. Taking the photo lasted about 3 min; while I did so VR read. After, she put the book to one side and we talked. That's how she gets through 200-plus books a year.

4. Solar cell, attached to fence, switches on LEDs in tree when it gets dark. For free!

5. Tree - a prunus. Bought and planted by RR as VR's birthday present a few years ago. Amazingly, it flourishes.

6. Wall. While we talked, two pigeons attempted rumpy-pumpy on it, failed, flew off.

7. Patio trough. Recently re-planted with alpines by VR.

8. Generic white Burgundy in insulative, double-walled chill preserver. Not a serious wine.

Unnumbered (LHC not sensitive enough to identify this sub-particle). Talk. About our mothers. 


  1. Robbie: You do lead a very "energetic" existence. I trust you were not too discomfited by your flushing through the LHC. I will assume it was only the pigeons that experienced the "rampant electrons".

    Good to see VR again, even if only in pixel form.

  2. VR's speed reading capacity never ceases to amaze. And she bakes little cakes too. I started noting down my reading this year but fall so far short of such impressive figures I may just stop in disgust at myself - stop noting if not stop reading. Does she finish every single book?

  3. Tom: I didn't flush myself down the LHC, much as I would have liked to (and to have taken photos). It was the illustration that "went before. Sent to bear witness..." Whoops, I'd better stop now. I see where this is leading and it ain't good.

    Pigeons. A subject you might add to your list of potential posts, and for which you are eminently qualified. The role played by electricity in the act of love. Go on: you've done music, you've sort of done philosophy, time to go for the big one.

    Lucy: It's not speed reading as such, it's taking advantage of every moment of spare time (eg, commercial breaks on telly which I, from time immemorial, mute.)

    DNFs are rare. As I mentioned, when she finishes a book she enters title, author, date finished, rating out of ten, and up to fifty words of summary in a notebook. These notebooks date back to 2008 and I volunteered to transfer their contents to a MsW table. I have presently reached line 1107, ie:

    Cleeves, A; Burial of ghosts, Jan 14 2008, 5.00, "Read this before. Man leaves girl he met on holiday. Finds her lost son. Then dies."

    The aim of my selfless act is to prevent further occurrences of the first sentence. Not just little cakes, big cakes too. Esp. seed cake which I love for its Proustian aftermath. Lying on the couch I suddenly feel a caraway seed detaching itself from a tooth gap. Reflectively I chew - and it all comes back

  4. A fine prunus and a gardening achievement for so distinguinguished a non-gardener as RR