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Thursday, 8 August 2013

Quick call to PP was all it took

Relaxing between paragraphs I pick out tunes on my Yamaha keyboard. Hymns mostly, they're the simplest. The aim being to get the notes in order at a reasonable speed, nothing more.

In C-major, using just the white keys. But with some tunes I found I had to use a black key. The same black key too; B-flat since you ask. Remember these are very simple tunes that any congregation can sing; shouldn't be any need for sharps or flats.

Puzzled, I emailed the Prague Polymath, Julia. She knows most things, certainly everything about music. Turned out she was in Berlin, away from her books. Away from a keyboard too. She needed neither. Seems I was playing these maverick tunes in F-major, a key that only differs from C-major by one black note: B-flat. Always a sceptic (journalism does that for you) I played the tune in both keys but I knew she was right before I started. Beats Google.

DIET No measurable weight loss but I can tie up my laces without puffing. Then the ultimate achievement: cutting my toe-nails and not suffering syncope. I am a new man. More tolerant of the world. Regarding DC as merely a twerp and not a transmission from Hades.

WIP Secondhand (23,091 words written)
(Francine speaking:) "I’ve never seen myself as sexually attractive: I have this elf-like face, I’m thin rather than slender, I’ve no small talk. Someone once called my complexion old ivory; more honestly it’s pale sallow. Martin’s a vital sort of chap, Mediterranean confidence backed up by early success as a painter. I was bowled over by the way he approached me; the technical – anatomical – way he talked about my looks. I was flattered, no doubt about it. I slept with him at his first time of asking."


  1. I have been told that Mediterraneans don't ask. I suggest you research this.

  2. Ellena: Well, I would if I weren't a fella.

  3. Yamaha.

    Mountain ha.

    Alas, I think I'm slowly losing my Japanese ability.

  4. RW (zS): Your comment is almost as mysterious as Ellena's. So let me add a little Yamaha lore. The company started out making musical instruments, notably pianos and trumpets. Thus their company logo was quite justifiably crossed tuning forks. Then they diversified.

    Bet you can't guess into what.

    No not brewing equipment...

    .... or children's shoes...

    ,,, or romantic fiction...

    ... or chewing gum.


    ... wait for it...

    racing motorbikes!

    Which, on their fuel tanks carry the crossed-tuning-fork logo.

  5. Ei jei jei! You learn something new every day! Arigatou, Robbie-Sensei!

  6. RW (zS): You're too kind.

    Sensei... literally translated as "person born before another" (That's true, I'm much much older than you.)... means "teacher" and is used to address teachers, professors, professionals such as lawyers, CPA (Gee RW (zS), that's kind of horrible) and doctors, politicians, clergymen (Even horribler), and other figures of authority.(Lui. c'est moi.). The word is also used to show respect to someone who has achieved a certain level of mastery in an art form or some other skill: accomplished puppeteers, novelists (!!!!), musicians, and artists for example are addressed in this way.

    I'm hungry for praise, for flattery, even unctuousness. But this goes a bit too far. I must reach for my Rhine barge captain's cap and pull it down over my face. Hereford isn't the place for people trailing such clouds of glory.