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Thursday, 15 August 2013

Tone Deaf takes unexpected detour

Pop music is appreciated over a wide educational spectrum but readable comments (as opposed to single adjectives condemning or worshipping) are rare. I enjoyed Caroline's Sullivan's review of Snow Patrol in The Guardian.

"(Lightbody - the singer) snuggles up behind guitarist Nathan Connolly and runs his hands over Connolly's head during the line 'Happy lost in your hair.' ... maybe it's the price Connolly pays for being allowed to crank up the power riffs on the set's twin peaks, Run and Chasing Cars. This is the pair of weepies that have cemented the idea that Snow Patrol are the Poundland Coldplay - all the sentimentality, none of the complexity. But played live, the songs assume a certain lovelorn dignity.

"Chasing Cars ends with Lightbody murmuring: "Oh, oh, oh." He suddenly laughs, and says, "Can't we have the cameras on the front row?" A dozen fans are holding signs prepared for this moment, saying simply: "Oh." It's a sweet moment in a show unexpectedly full of them."

WIP Second Hand. (27,724 words. She is Francine. Winston is a hospital porter. The Jaguar is borrowed.)

“Not too well, Winston.”

She used his name deliberately and that surprised him. But his concern remained unchanged. “Ah shit, hon.” Vauxhalls and Nissans slowed respectfully as he steered the Jaguar out into the road. He added, “Ah’m so sorry, babe. You wanna talk or stay peaceful, like?”

She liked babe, liked his easeful talk. “I’m English, you’re English. You know the English, Winston. We never talk about anything serious. Well I’m fed up with being English.”

He laughed, head tilted back, mouth open, exposing his teeth – one gold. “You and me, babe. I like that. But I’m still sorry.”


  1. Why I don't know. But I'm reminded of this hit: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dEyOMhPmyQE

  2. It took me a little time to realise when reading American novels that the endearment "hon" is short for "honey" and is pronounced accordingly. At the back of my mind it resonates with honourable as in the Rt Hon David Cameron. I know this is daft but I feel like admitting it all the same.

  3. RW (zS): Tried to access this yesterday but went the wrong way about it. Re-tried this AM, found it, but it was too early - 06.45 and VR still sleepeth. Will try again later.

    Joe: I was wondering whether I could weave that misunderstanding into the plot but reluctantly decided no. The aim with these extracts is to provide varying flavours of the story without revealing too much of the plot. I think the preceding lines which introduce Winston might have clipped your imaginative wings a little. Progress is breathtaking at the moment with almost a quarter of the book already wtitten.