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Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Proof of my affection

Abruptly Blogger bit back. Overnight this passive software thingie, a steady acquantance over the last five years, denied me access to Stats. But who cares about these dubiously flattering figures? Well I do, for one. Surely I may live in the land of make-believe, imagining forty strangers out in cyberspace intentionally gobbling up my most recent post? Notably, Husbandry (about the French documentary Etre et Avoir) at 270 pageviews and still climbing.

More significantly this same glitch prevented me from posting. RR mute! I needed to stir my stumps.

When I Googled Can't get Stats I found I wasn't alone. First recommendation: clear all caches and (if you've got the guts) all cookies. That latter's a killer ensuring loads of tedious future work filling in cyber-requests. But because I love you all (and the sound of my own voice) I did the deed. No good.

Next my advisers averred that Internet Explorer might be the culprit. Now there's a surprise. Google carping at Microsoft! Inevitably Google said stop browsing with IE and use Chrome. Don't like Chrome but, greater love hath no man, etc, etc. It didn't work.

But Firefox did. Don't like Firefox either but I can't quibble. Now I'm using Firefox for Blogger and IE for other things. A bit like riding a two-part circus pony. I hope you all recognise the sacrifice. 

WIP Second Hand (33,738 words)

“MISS EMBERY, I am Sadhu. I drive the executive taxi ordered by Mr Balogun.” On the street outside, scorning the double yellow lines, a large black car seemingly polished for the occasion. On the top step an Asian driver ecstatic to be wearing a white blazer with Status Cars embroidered on the breast pocket.

“I’ll get my coat,” said Francine, “it’s on the newel post.”


  1. Oh dear! You’ve started something now. A competition to see who has got the most page views on a single post.

    Well here are mine:

    Inov-8 Roclite 400 GTX boots - 1440

    This was an appraisal of what turned out to be a market leader lightweight walking boot.

    “Music to hear, why hear’st thou music sadly?” - 613

    A rant about Muzak in pubs and cafés. I presume page views from people looking for the Shakespeare reference.

    Christmas snow at Arnside - 467

    Just what it says

    Arnside Icebergs - 417

    Pictures of rarely seen ice-flows in our bay (an offshoot of Morecambe Bay)

    Interestingly none of them about my walking activities.


    The second sentence in your cameo piece jarred - I am not sure if it is ungrammatical, but I would have added something like "awaited" before the words "a large black car".

  2. For days I've been unable to do anything on either browser. Now I'm trying to comment since the electricity just came back on following a little thunderstorm earlier.

  3. Oh! It worked! But I still can't post it seems. I'll just sit here quietly and sip on my Märzen.

  4. Sir Hugh: So you get high scores by quoting exact trade names and stuff from other writers. A fine basis for a blog.

    Possible word missing from third sentence of Second Hand passage. It's a stylistic omission which is repeated in the fourth sentence. I acknowledge it's grammatically incorrect but at least it is deliberate, the aim being to apply a bit of bustle to what is the beginning of a new chapter. I'll bear your observation in mind when I read the MS on Kindle.

    PB: And you've waited all these years to catch me out. 9/10 for your patience; a somewhat lesser score for what this says about your lifestyle.

    RW (zS): I must confesss it took me rather more time to figure out the problem than I implied in my post. Perhaps it's time to load up with Safari.