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Saturday, 11 January 2014

Let there be light

 I know what you're going to say - only God can make a tree, but any fule can arrange to have it chopped down. My neighbours and I all agonised but it should never have been planted there in the first place. Its roots were reaching down into our sewage outlets and very shortly we would all have been in big trouble. A year ago I had similar problems with a much smaller tree and found myself having to dispose of the corpses of three drowned rats trapped in what they imagined was an underground short-cut.

Suddenly VR - reading as usual - found herself exposed to natural light. No doubt our solar panels are profiting.

Yes, I'm an unfeeling brute, a nature-hater, the sort you'd hate your daughter to marry. Never mind me; another neighbour who connived in this vandalism is a deacon with Hereford Baptist Church. Double click pic and look into our bedroom: see, we've got curtains


mike M said...

Bedroom link is not working. Probably the extra CO2 in your neighborhood.

Joe Hyam said...

Sentimentality about trees can be overdone. Around here trees have preservation orders on them. Your light sounds as though it is deserved.

Ellena said...

So sad. Will it at least serve to keep a family warm?

Roderick Robinson said...

MikeM: Click pic for very small enlargement.

Joe: If only God can make a tree, he also said: Let there be light. We merely allowed him to prove the latter after the former became self-evident.

Ellena: A dilemma, if you like.

B2: I'll subscribe to everything except the open fire (a sign of incurable nostalgia and therefore a double whammie) and the quill pen (not a great help when it comes to revising).