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Monday, 20 January 2014

Norwegian surprise

Post deleted as a result of authorial dissatisfaction.

WIP Second Hand (55,164 words)
“You remember the crackpot officer in Apocalypse Now: talking about the smell of napalm in the morning? I’m paid well and this is what I’m paid for. A magazine launch is a huge gamble – and this one’s as huge as it gets. I’d deserve to be fired for being uncertain. I want to fight the odds and beat them. Boast about this when I’m in my forties… I want to be a myth.”


  1. Hmmm....that version comes streaqming from Netflix. I've also queued to receive by mail a combination Brand/A Doll's House. Patrick McGoohan as Brand, Trevor Eve and Juliet Stevenson in Doll's House. Brand sounds interesting, as does comparing 2 versions of ADH. I'll stream your recommended version first.

  2. MikeM: Here's a first for you: the comment that outlives the post.

    A good - even great - performance but re-written for the movie version. Just how much re-writing I wonder? Hedda Gabler, mentioned a few weeks ago, was also re-written (by John Osborne, no less) this time for TV.

  3. Watched opening scenes this morning...the arrival by sleigh, the immediate concerns over money. Tantalizing...can't wait to get back to it....from the beginning.

  4. Comment not made due to absence of post.

  5. MikeM: It gets better. I felt Claire Bloom didn't hit the the right tone during the early scenes. Too gushy. But later - she puts on the trappings of authority.

    FigMince: Ah, but you left a little posy of Spring flowers. So sweet, FM, so sweet. My I recommend Sensodyne for getting rid of the accumulations of sugar between your teeth.

  6. I did find the change in her demeanor jarring at the end. I was also shocked upon learning that the squirrel had 3 children. The mother/nanny situation certainly answered some questions and raised others. I stayed up much too late watching it and have yet to digest it fully (if that's possible). It was a good watch, and my first thought was that the British TV version I've ordered (mentioned in previous comment)would certainly be pale in comparison. That may well be the case, but now I'm eager to see a different interpretation. I may even be inspired to read the play.