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Monday, 9 June 2014

Verlaine never had these problems

Not all verse gets written

The images were there. On the two-day stretch from Hereford almost to the Mediterranean I had time to reflect since Occasional Speeder now does most of the driving. Prefers it that way.

Time and the necessary state of mind. OS had linked her smart phone to the car radio and we listened to a collection demonstrating how the Beatles' music-making evolved from artlessness to something more adult. Then how Paul Simon became better than adult.

So we weren't just grinding out the kilometres and I was able to to take in the speeding views. One image recurred over the flatlands - a cluster of grain silos. An image that metamorphosed into an idea - of a Praetorian Guard, observing and protecting our progress. A benign presence.

Plus something more inexplicable. During our overnight at Chevilly, near Orléans, a Dutch family, dining at the next table took turns to cosset a slightly fractious baby. As we left for bed they bid us a friendly goodnight and VR, uncharacteristically, said "Lovely baby." That pleased them.

Even more uncharacteristically I added, without thought, "And the way you passed the baby between you - like a gift."

Unforeseen, arriving out of nowhere, but versifiers never look gift-horses in the mouth. Especially after a virgin birth like this. There had to be something that would succumb to meter and rhyme.

But if there is it's proving hellishly hard to dislodge. Too early, perhaps? Or perhaps there isn't anything and I'm deluded.

In the meantime this post acts as an aide memoire. Plus more experimentation with rosé – especially the syrah-based sort, a new discovery.


  1. Have you succumbed to smartphone technology to post this?

    Your aide memoir thing is familiar. I have now self published via Lulu seven journals including photos of my various long distance walks, and often refer to them when fellow blogger walkers have followed the same ground so I can make comparisons, and often a forgotten memory of some delight or drama is brought back to light. With a memory like mine it is of great value to have such a resource.

  2. Will be interesting to read if and when it comes to fruition. Good to have updates from you, even in the form of a notepad. Hoping you have many more lovely moments, shared or not.

  3. Sir Hugh: Smartphone? Not on your Nellie. As before I use my netbook.

    MikeM: I fear it's more a case of "if" rather than "when".