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Thursday, 20 November 2014

Wow! (Tenth revision)

The post-op Festival of Light
The eye is clear, its former glum opacity
Has gone – good riddance halo-ed mysteries.
The eye now views a fine geometry
With knife-cut edges at its boundaries.

The lens digests these spectral coloured bands,
It takes advantage of their separate states,
It meets the needs of newer light’s demands,
Responding to the changing brain’s dictates.

And now the book spines say: Just look, read me!
While CD cases shout orchestral chords.
Under the influence of clarity
The patient thrills to unforeseen rewards

I saw but barely, swayed by ignorance.
Cleverer now, I dance the photons' dance.

Thanks to Mr J. Deutsch, Anna and the team
Hereford, November 19, 2014

Roderick Robinson

Note: Written in the AM; savagely rewritten and turned into a sonnet in the PM. The following day it underwent total evisceration. Now it says something


  1. Back to driving then?

    Just take care with those dancing photons.

  2. Horray! 20/20 is a marvellous thing. I had my second eye done this morning. I spy with my little eye........

  3. Sir Hugh: The only qualification is reading a car number at 20 m. This I can do.

    Stella: The exhilaration is quite tangible. Time to post another photo of yourself: now I have the eye to appreciate it.

  4. Wonderful news, RR. And so quick and without complications.
    I liked the sonnet, too.

    Rock on!

  5. I see that you are about to go off to Germany and the Porsche Museum.
    If you ever get down Lake Constance way on the Austrian border I can thoroughly recommend a vist to the Rolls Royce Museum, near Dornbirn, see:

  6. Bravo to you and to the skilful medical team. How exciting to see the world with fresh new eyes!

  7. Don't you go firing those photons around willy nilly. You never know what wonder of modern science you might discover!

    Now we will have to make sure that our blondeness is up to date when we eventually meet!

  8. This is such heartening news, bravo to all concerned! The sonnet is fizzing with joy and relief, and is as bright and vivid as the state it celebrates.

    (And thanks for your encouragement at mine, it is indeed a similar case, and we would be glad to have such a happy resolution.)

  9. Catastrophic to semi-sublime. Good revisions all around.

  10. Avus: The sonnet has been somewhat improved since you read it.

    Natalie: There's retrospective regret too. Thinking abut how I "made do" with a wildly inaccurate view of things around me.

    Blonde Two: Presently I occupy myself with trivia: decoding the fine print of posters on bus windows, reading the graphics that go with TV coverage of the final F1 grand prix. But what a challenge you would represent! Perhaps I'd need sun glasses.

    Lucy: I can confirm what others (eg, VR, Stella) have said. The op is - in the end - nothing, the apprehensions quickly forgotten. More than that: the sense of epiphany is so great I found myself dubiously saying it was all worth it. When gushers talk about the Damascene Moment they're thinking of the aftermath. This is the moment itself.

    MikeM: I just had to make things clearer - to avoid betraying the experience.