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Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Le style, c'est l'homme

This is RR in Smart Casual mode ready for wine and canapés. I decided clothes alone wouldn't do the job, hence the trumpet. OK it'll be awkward, especially if I'm required to shake hands but the heck with it; I just won't shake hands.

From time to time I intend to open up the jacket and reveal the lining. I figure this will absolve me from conversation.


  1. You look good, but the trumpet's the wrong color; needs more bling, too. Hope you and VR have a very pleasant evening out.

  2. I'm impressed. I would be interested to know how and by who the decisions were made.

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  4. Wow, and proper shoes too, knock'em dead RR! And just think how much ideologically motivated pilfering you can accomplish with all those canny little inside pockets...

  5. I did not know you played brass RR. You don't seem to be given away by the lips and cheeks. You could always wear a long raincoat and open it up to "flash" from time to time - that should stop any conversation stone-dead!

  6. Great colour combination, very smart/casual, works well. Suggestion: pull the shirt cuffs down so they peep out from the jacket sleeves.

    So you play the trumpet? Will you really be giving them a solo at the canapé event? I hope so - it would no doubt be the first time in history such a thing happened at such a function.

  7. Crow: The trumpet will only act as a symbol; my lip is way out of use and the valves are jammed up with gunge. In a sense I'll be attending as if it were fancy dress - me playing Joshua and threatening (playfully) to do what he did at Jericho.

    Sir Hugh: A double click reveals garment textures: the jacket sort of suedish, the trousers moleskin. I chose both and VR (drawing deeply on her reserves) paid. However the shirt, also worth a double click, was chosen and bought by VR over a year ago.

    Lucy: The shoes are the aformentioned funeral shoes, bought over thirty years ago at an unbelievable cost (then and now) of £45. As I grimly wrote the cheque I said to myself: these are gonna have to last.

    In fact those "canny little inside pockets" have a quasi-legal function too. I was asked by the salesman if I preferred having the outer pockets left sewn-up as is the present fashion. In for a penny, in for a pound (given this all about how I look rather than how I do) I let them be, thus ensuring a svelte waistline.

    Avus: I've blogged about the trumpet in the past but this was probably during the period when - by your own admission - you went off Tone Deaf when it was misguidedly devoted entirely to music.

    Given that, and if you'd had to guess, what other instrument would you have associated me with? Piercing, shrill, noisy (when unmuted) and assertive - it's obvious, innit? I dreamed about owning a French horn but they cost big bucks. Not for parties.

    Natalie: Glad you think the colour combination's good. Initially I left the choice up to the salesman but he picked light khaki chinos my quotidian preference. I have several pairs and dozens of other pairs have been despatched to charity as a result of the 5/2 diet. I believe the colour is burgundy but anyone who drinks Vosne-Romanée that colour deserves what they get.

    I shall not play the trumpet for the reasons given (above). It will be my gesture against more detestable decorative male artefacts: the pendant nestling among chest hair, the knobby ring and/or the wristwatch with the expandable metal strap ("mark of the beast" one of my sub-editor friends told me in 1952, and that was that).

  8. Robbie I'm very impressed by the whole "get up". I'm also pleased I'm not the only person who still prefers the traditional button braces rather than the yuppie style clip-on.
    Looks like your ready to come along with me to Lindy Hop! Frankie Manning eat your heart out!

  9. My Australian son-in-law plays the trombone in a jazz band. You might add that to your accomplishments and be even more "anti social" 'cos it needs a wide arc around it when played.

  10. Brilliantly elegant, handsome you, RR. Am I seeing things or does the shirt really pick up the color of your eyes and the color of your pants?
    You need Italian-made shoes. You know the ones with very thin soles at min. $300. a pair. You'd be walking on cloud 9.

  11. The outfit as natty as the blog post; which adhered beautifully to the 'less is more' approach that you have, in the past, encouraged me to adopt. We have a French horn here, but it too is in danger of gunking!

    PS I have pocket envy.

  12. Richy: Braces with 1 cm wide elastic and clip-ons are for those who don't need braces anyway; men with visible hips which keep trousers up all on their own. In fact my workaday braces are about 4 cm wide and have virtually no stretch at all; I am forbidden (by VR) from exposing them in public since they are bright orange and advertise a form of chain-saw. Industrial clothing if you like.

    Avus: Trombones are a sort of optical illusion. Nobody to my knowledge has ever been touched by the curved end of the slide. Most of the time (ie, in the middle registers) the angle of the slide is probably about 60 deg relative to horizontal. And yet the myth persists.

    Ellena: Well it's nice of you to say so, E, but I do urge you to examine the pouchy face fashioned, it appears, out of melting candle-fat. No chic clothing could ever compensate. As to my eyes I was told when I was very young they are hazel; this has always stuck with me even if I don't really know what colour hazel is. I do believe my funeral shoes are of Italian design and manufacture though over the decades they've became utterly shapeless (rubber dinghies?). These days when not dressed for canapés and wine I wear trainers.

    Blonde Two: No one wearing natty clothes could ever claim to have a gram of intellect; it is one of those adjectives which says much more than it initially appears to. As to your espousal of "less is more" I can now go to my grave completely fulfilled. The justification for this motto is contained in another epigram: Few people have ever been criticised for writing too little. Should we ever walk out together I'll allow you access to any or all of my pockets.

  13. Are the pockets deep enough to hold a bottle of ale?

    Could certainly come in handy.