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Friday, 25 December 2015

Old man goes bonkers

Suddenly I couldn't stand it; last night I bellowed with anger at the TV, contorted by the wilful discrimination.

Beautiful singing in a beautiful building (albeit with acoustics that did nothing for the music) but from a choir which lacked one of the great glories of choral singing. And this despite interspersed religiose readings which harped endlessly about the Son of Man (note that capital letter) and went into almost gynaecological detail about his mother. Recently I've been softening into a passive agnosticism but now my back stiffened; atheism's the only place for men who detest the way other men and smugly masculine institutions still behave as if women had only a biological function in their contracted world.

Not a soprano in sight at the beloved (Ah, the irony!)  King's College carols wing-ding. Of course there never has been and I'd forgotten. VR likes the singing and the tradition otherwise I'd have put on the German Requiem. Later, lobster with Pol Roger champagne shared between us.


Sonnet: On good logistics

We went in strong and used our rightful power
To scorch their kind from flesh to skeletons,
While they – Good grief! – replied within an hour
And left us victims of a thousand suns.

Mountains we’ll need, an ocean and a plain,
Work on an unimaginable scale.
That planet, there, hints at a greenish stain,
We’ll re-locate; let hopefulness prevail!

But which comes first: rock faces or the sea?
And where are ways to generate new force?
Do rivers carve their own geography,
Or are their mossy banks pre-packed at source?

We’ll need some special expertise, I see
It’s rather more than mere accountancy.

Re-done following Marly's gentle guidance.


mikeM said...

Love the sonnet, Robbie. Putting the world right would seem to be as godly a task as Creation itself. Merry Christmas from across the waves!

Roderick Robinson said...

MikeM: Slightly better now, I hope.

Sir Hugh said...

I switched from te same programme for reasons i cannot explain, but it just din't seem to be fulfilling my expectations.

Roderick Robinson said...

Sir Hugh: Almost certainly because of the high ratio of new carols, never previously heard, probably never to be heard again.

Avus said...

Still, the lobster and Pol Roger must have made up for it to some extent, RR?

Roderick Robinson said...

Avus: I fear not; I am still angry, very angry.