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Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Out of my depth? How about you?

Ears, eyes and mind, are now open at the Hay Festival as I widen my pitifully inadequate formal education - wallowing in hard and soft facts, theories, opinions and quirkiness that inform a wonderful world.

Sara Pascoe, feminist and stand-up comedienne (author of The Animal Autobiography Of Female Body Book), talks beguilingly about women's concerns.

Behavioural economics aims to explain and predict real life and its maverick tendencies rather than depend on the stuff of books. Richard Thaler, Chicago professor and advisor to 10 Downing Street, is its John the Baptist.

The alarming and salutary lurches that have influenced Britain's population over years and decades are charted in a social-change atlas introduced by left-leaning Daniel Dorling.

French scientists (the best in the world at the time) supported the political upheavals of the French Revolution; many subsequently paid with their lives. Steve Jones, former professor of genetics at UCL, and a Hay regular, in fine form.

Edna O'Brien, novelist and supreme anecdotalist, is admirably complemented by TV journalist, Matt Frei (a hero to both RR and VR), in a discussion about her novel, The Little Red Chairs, which impinges on the Bosnian Serb genocidist, Radovan Karadžic.

NOTE: France is possibly in a turmoil of industrial relations. It frequently is. But no reason why VR and RR shouldn't spend a fortnight holidaying there. A bientot. 


  1. "How about me"?
    Obviously you are playing in the deep end. I shall continue to paddle in the shallow end - actually, I really cannot swim!
    Have a good holiday in France. I hope the strikes don't affect your happiness.

  2. Avus: As a friend who accompanied me said: Hay works best when one goes there to learn rather than merely confirm one's prejudices. Hay can also demonstrate that old age is not necessarily another way of saying stupidity. And, although I favour individual effort over communality, Hay - through its widespread attendance - ensures you are among like-minded people.

  3. Thought about you seeing Thomas Keneally there on telly the other week. I'm rather glad your post didn't contain links as I'd have felt unable not to try to follow lots of them up.

    Hope you're having a good trip and not too contrariés by weather/football/industrial turmoil etc.

  4. Lucy: Having connexion problems - this is a test.

  5. Lucy: In the past I've taken my netbook (a sort of stunted laptop) on holiday in order to write fiction; emails were something of a luxury. Now the netbook appears to be pleading old age and I've had to fiddle a lot in order to link myself with the outside world. Finally it worked and here I am in my pyjamas, and there you are with a multiplicity of dogs. After this, I may essay a post.

    It seems ages ago now but Channel Tunnel told me I would be allowed to carry 30 litres of spare diesel, in jerry-cans, to overcome any shortages on your side of the Channel. As it happened the shortages were never a problem and that's perhaps just as well. A 20-litre jerry-can is heavy enough empty, there'd be no guarantee I'd be able to lift it (full) to make the transfer into the car.

    More later (possibly).

  6. Glad to see you back on here RR. Was getting a little worried.

  7. MikeM: Even after I'd sorted the connectivity the netbook turns out to be so painfully slow. Like sending telegrams with a chisel and a slab of granite. I am now about to try a post but please don't hold your breath.