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Sunday, 29 May 2016

Out of my depth?

I've been otherwise engaged with the above for which - wonder of wonders! - the sun is presently shining. My first day's agenda:

Neapolitan journalist, under heavy police guard this last decade, reports on the capitalisation of narco-trafficking.

Two history specialists discuss how Germany continues to devise ways of acknowledging and adjusting to a post-Holocaust state of mind.

Research on working memory - the ability to hold in mind and mentally manipulate information over short periods of time.

Sam Mendes, director of movies American Beauty and Skyfall, and founder of the Donmar theatre in London, describes his methods.

Venkit Ramakrishnan explains the functions of ribosomes (protein builders and/or synthesizers of the cell) and how he won a Nobel prize for work on these key elements in living beings.

On the way back home with friends and relations I stopped for a pint and a half at The Pandi Inn in Dorstone. Full of virtue, aspirant culture and an over-stretched intellect.

Two more days to go.


  1. Take some time out.

    Become a part-timer.

    Watch Britain's Got Talent on iPlayer.

  2. I'm under-educated, not suicidal.