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Friday, 12 August 2016


Have I written my blogging self to a standstill?

Works Well (May 2, 2008 to Jan 30, 2012) 548 posts = 1.6m words; 3824 75-word comments, of which one in three are probably mine = 1m words. My comments elsewhere (160 weeks @ six 75-word comments/week = 0.7 m words). WW total 3.3m words.

Tone Deaf (Dec 2 2011 to Aug 7 2016) 689 posts = 2.1m words; 4693 100-word comments, of which one in three are probably mine = 1.6m words; my comments elsewhere (242 weeks @ six 100-word comments/week = 1.5m words). TD total 5.2m words.

Blogging total 8.5m words.

Compared with A la Recherche... 1.3m words, Ulysses 0.3m words, The Man Without Qualities - wordage unknown, only I appear to have read it.

I mean, is there anything left to say?

Well there's always a post about how many words I've written. And an extract from my current novel
Hardship Hope. New title? A Woman Magnified (20,494 words)

Lindsay spread her hands. “I’m a woman. A twenty-first century woman competing with all those Shimatsu*-selling men. Ironically, I need a man’s help. Only a man can judge my effectiveness in a man’s world. Only a man can talk about – how should I put it? – the assets I bring to the party.”

He smiled thinly. “True. But you already know the answers otherwise you’d never have raised the point.”

“So it’s down to instinct. As it always is.” She paused. “Sexual instinct, to be precise.”

*Shimatsu - a range of Japanese supercars.


  1. I am fascinated as to how you know your blogging word count. Have you resorted to averages or did you count each and every one?

  2. Blonde Two: Blogger's archival facility counts (and dates) the post and the comments, so there was my starter for ten. My posts (excepting the short stories) are, as it says at the top of the home page, limited to 300 words so that simplified things still further. My conclusions about the percentage of Works Well/Tone Deaf comments I wrote were, I think, reasonably fair estimates. As to the comments I wrote for others, my guess was more speculative but not a million miles from reality.

    I'm hoping that your last few words were a joke. By now you must surely realise I have sciento/techno tendencies and the very idea that I might have counted "each and every one" is utterly abhorrent.

    We should all abide by the slogan "Work smarter, not harder" and this is a typical example. The primary school arithmetic involved probably took me twenty minutes. Suppose I'd asked you if you'd done your most recent Peak District walk in ballet shoes, how would you have reacted? Me too!

  3. 'Primary school arithmetic' reminds me that despite an A Level in pure maths, I often can't do mental calculations are quickly as Mr B2; except for navigation related ones, when my mind flies at a speed beyond my understanding.

  4. Blonde Two: We all have our fragments of genius, don't we? Mine consists of paying people graceful compliments. Je plaisante! Je plaisante!