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Sunday, 26 February 2017

That time of year

Life is presently complicated. Grandson Ian is staying, Borderlines Film Festival started two days ago, eventually the three of us will see 23 titles in a fortnight. Fitting in blog responses and practice for Mozart's An Chloƫ (my most demanding song so far) is a real bastard.

We have seen:

Denial (Feelgood movie about Jewish US academic sued by Holocaust denier David Irving; protean performances; fascinating differences between US and UK law systems. See pic.).

Manchester By The  Sea (Manchester in Massachusetts not Lancashire; central character is guilt-ridden Boston janitor facing new responsibilities; a threnody to inarticulacy).

Hell Or High Water (Formulaic, modern-day bank-robbing in Texas but raised a notch by allusions to poverty).

Toni Erdmann (Over-long but witty/funny German tale about father's concerns for business-woman daughter  racked by getting ahead in unconvincing world of meetings and presentations).

Slack Bay (Grossly over-long French nominal parody about class differences in Northern France in Edwardian times; treated as fantasy-cum-farce but with excess knockabout; made irritating by incorporating six false endings just when viewer's resistance is weakest.

For MikeM


  1. Lovely singing Robbie. I would love to hear you sing with accompaniment.

  2. MikeM: Thanks for that. Though I say it myself I do sound better when V's tinkling the old Joanna.

  3. Not sure I'll watch Toni Erdmann, but there's another Maren Ade movie, The Forest for the Trees, that I'd like to see. (That one is about a beleaguered high school teacher.)

    The only reason I'd watch Slack Bay is Juliette Binoche. But I don't know if she'd make the six false endings worth it.