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Friday, 7 December 2012

The fairies just flew in

One of the mainly unnoticed miracles that happens in the Robinson kitchen a couple of times a week: here the creation of fairy cakes. But on this occasion it was the speed that was remarkable.

VR arrived home at about 12.45 from having her hair done. Realised she hadn't bought cakes to go with the lunchtime coffee. At 12.54 she'd assembled the constituents (It wasn't a kit) and by 13.13 was eating the first one.

Actually I'm a bit slick myself. I did this post, including writing the stuff, cropping the pix and doing a six-part Photoshop Photomerge in 25 minutes. We may be old but we can move when it's in our interest to do so.


  1. Ach! I'm on the wrong side of the Pond again!

  2. That's pretty good with Photoshop. I'm not sure how you do that montage thing, perhaps you could point me in the right direction?

    The speedy baking takes me to the Monachyle Mhor Hotel in Balquhidder (Scotland). I called in for tea and scones after climbing Stob Binnein. After ordering and waiting about ten minutes I went to enquire if I had been forgotten, but was assured my order would arrive shortly, and in another few minutes the scones arrived, fresh from the oven - they had baked them for me to order.

    Having sampled VR's cooking many times, I can assure your other commenters that the fairy cakes would be par excellence.

    Thanks for the birthday greeting on my last post.

  3. Oh, wish I could have sat down with you for some of that fairyness with coffee, including Mrs Fairy herself!

  4. Very speedy indeed. And we are fans of fairy cakes too - particularly their name. It's much more fun to say than "cup cake", which sounds like food destined for a cabinet.

    Photomerge in Photoshop? I've just learned a new trick, thank you!

  5. RW (zS): Garn! I don't think I've used that one on you before, a contraction of Go on! Meaning: Don't try and pull my leg. You could do fairy cakes though I have a suspicion you'd give them another name.

    Sir Hugh: I'll bet you had to look up the spelling of both the hotel name and the village. I take it you were sustained through this tremulous wait with great gouttes of tea so that the visit to the kitchen could be combined with a visit to a facility. The fairy cakes were good but they trail in the wake of VR's seed cake and (a recent addition to the repertoire) ginger cake with large translucent gobbets of crystallised ginger as treasure trove.

    M-L: Careful with the casual use of fairy. You could be on the brink of a solecism.

    Julia: Or some unwonted connection with bras. I cannot believe you didn't know about Photomerge though its existence is in keeping with Photoshop's intention to confuse its users. Go to File and thence to New! Is that logical or is it?

  6. Late for the last post...sorry. But trousers for women - often pants, if smart nowadays straight up and down thus(though not skinnies) cigarette pants. Or in a past era my very smart aunt Nadja in the 50s wore 'tartan trews' accessorised with uptilted black rimmed specs (cats eyes). And I think the Katharine Hepburn style was rightly called slacks. Or peg-tops.