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Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Pure Zach

Zach, our grandson, is two days away from his seventh birthday. Without any further explanation  his school posted the following on their website.

Birds of Prey
Zac from year 2 wrote this report

On Thursday we went to the Birds of Prey Centre. The children had to go in partners to go on the bus. Then we lined up. There were lots of birds.  Then it was the show.Then we had a look at the biggest bird. The biggest bird is called and Andian Condor. At the show it always flew past Flora. We had to sit on bin bags because it was wet. The birds weren't allowed to go in the tree. They would go to Holly if she shouted and whistled. I then thought the owls weren't nocternal. Then it was lunch and we went back to school.

As most of you know my relationship with halls of education is imperfect at best. And Zach's school has the further disadvantage in that it's CofE. Nevertheless I tip my hat to the staff for doing good work on a good pupil.


  1. Very nice report, good observations. I can see why his school posted it. At seven years of age, Zach has the early markings of a writer.

    Following in his grandfather's footsteps, it would seem...or, pen strokes, perhaps.

  2. It takes a good pupil to bring out the best of the staff.

  3. ......in (correction) the staff and me.

  4. Zach's attention to detail and his neglect of conventional responses is to his credit. Perhaps to the school's for imposing nothing on his fresh way of looking at things.