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Wednesday, 3 April 2013

What kind of bridge?

Post deleted on the grounds that I didn't think anyone would take me seriously


  1. You were commenting on 'Sufism -A Bridge between Religions' or maybe telling the joke about 'The Guy on the Bridge' or you were griping about the bad fit of your bridge.

  2. Anon: Congratulations! The ultimate - in fact the only - response.

    Ellena: All those things and more. Incidentally, Blogger's Stats revealed that this post attracted three pageviews before I felt compelled to delete it. So, conceivably, there is someone out there (possibly three) who could tell the world that the deletion was justified.

  3. Something else which like the nature of dark matter which we will probably never know.

  4. Well, I took you at your word that you were being serious. I was at work when I read your post and couldn't take time to answer you then, thinking I would do so when I got home. However, when I returned, the post was gone.

    I may have misread your post (scanning too quickly to avoid getting caught not doing my job), but I thought you were asking about prayer/praying, whether we followed some formula or ritual or whether we just winged it; whether we believed in the power of prayer and, finally, were our prayers answered - is that right?

    Have you abandoned the idea all together, or would you be interested in what I would have to say? (Not that it is earth-shaking or anything like that.) I can email it, if you'd rather.

    (Ha! word verification is 'toucus'...too cuss - now somebody has a sense of humor!)

  5. The Crow: Thanks for the offer. I'm astounded the post was read (by Sir Hugh as well as you) in the short time it existed. I think I'll leave it entombed. It was a casual thought, triggered by a vague idea that it might be useful when - if! - I finish editing Blest Redeemer and go on to something else. A project that's also pretty vague. VR thinks it would be wrong to start this hare given the proclamations I've made about atheism in the past and that however much I insist on being serious it probably won't stick.

    Your memory worked well, by the way. That's a comfort I wouldn't mind on my own behalf.