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Sunday, 7 June 2015

The bikers unveil

In the end, despite my protestations about my need to communicate with the natives, we're like all other Francophiles, we eat out a lot. Especially with the temperature as it was yesterday PM, at 38 deg C.

Heck it's a holiday, we're here to enjoy ourselves. Finally we have a photo that proves the point with only VR appearing contemplative. For once the complete party has been captured on spouse's selfie.

I've posted about this place before. Its actual name is Les Tilleuls but we affectionately call it The Fly Restaurant. It sits by the roadside - almost in the road - and while we were eating a group of be-visored motorcyclists riding expensive bikes pulled up and did their now familiar Dance Of The Seven Veils. Divesting themselves of their helmets and jackets they revealed themselves as corpulent and in their early sixties.

The only major disagreement is between VR and me - she goes there for the barbecued duck breast, I for the mutton chop. The nearby village is St-Maurice-Navacelles - it's remote and every approach is gorgeous. The drive from our present villa takes 1 hr 21 min. but it's worth it.

WV BOOBOO For some reason or other - possibly because we're in France - an alternative WV system crops up. A dozen thumbnails of edibles and I was asked to tick those related to sushi. I ticked two but there were more. I scored better with gateaux.

FRENCH PHYSIC Grand-daughter Ysabelle, born to shine in France with a name spelt like that, had the collywobbles. A pharmacien offered the curiously named specific shown below.


  1. These days I still have a motorcycle, RR, (Royal Enfield 500 Bullet)which makes a wonderful noise akin to a canal barge - very relaxing. However the bother of kitting up for it - suit, boots, goggles, helmet, etc. rather puts me off.

    So I also have a smaller, lighter 125 scooter (Honda sh125)complete with a windscreen. All I need for that is a Peter Storm coat and a crash hat and I can poodle off - no goggles or heavy suit needed. (but the lovely satisfaction of the Bullet is missing.)

  2. Avus: If barge noises turn you on, buy a barge. Dressing's informal, speed's imperceptible and you may pass your days imagining you're Mr Toad.

  3. Who thinks up these pharma names? And what do those who think them up look like when they've found a name like SPASFON?? Are they serious or rolling on the floor with laughter? And they've forgotten the accents on comprimé and enrobé but never mind.

    It's great to see you all enjoying la vie en rose. How delighted the patron/patronne must be to see this English family loyally returning to their restaurant each year....or how many years? Must try and find it one day!

  4. Natalie: Perhaps I over-emphasised the la vie en rose nature of life here in Languedoc. The more recent post - To Hell in a hack - gives a more accurate picture.