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Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Cleverness takes a rest

Not a good year but it's what's happened to others that makes it so. Champagne and burgundy tonight together with "bitings on", since there'll be just the two of us and time spent in the kitchen is time apart. The Neff can take the day off.

The circle of Tone Deaf's other voices has ebbed and flowed. Not everyone shares my obsession to be clicking away, practising, showing off, playing with words. I understand that. New voices have joined in. All distinctive since TD's "choir" I suddenly see is a self-created meritocracy. A line in the Inbox and I can already hear the tone of what I will shortly read. Those other voices are not in any sense tone deaf.

I wish everyone well. Thank you all for riding out my inconsistencies, lack of judgment and a fatal need to be clever. I'd apologise but it would be like regretting my grey hair, my accusatory paunch, my turkey wattle. Cheers is how I usually end letters  so cheers it is.


  1. As one who has "ebbed and flowed" (much more ebbing of late, regretfully) I return to wish both you and Mrs TD a very happy Christmas and a healthy and prosperous 2014.

    Many PC problems have resulted in my getting a lap top on which I write this - and hope to write more regularly in future.

  2. Merry Christmas RR. TD is a wonder and a great joy.

  3. The morning sun just made its appearance, although I note dusty grey storm clouds to the north. We got a light powdering of snow overnight, and so the city appears quite festive. But then I look closer, below the surface, and I realize how fortunate I was as a child at this time of year. There's a tone of melancholy to Weihnachten. I expect it's here to stay now. The melancholy is mitigated though, by the good friends around me. I am thankful to you for sharing your obsession, your words, your stories here on "Tone Deaf" and hope you keep the posts flowing. Ich bedanke mich recht herzlich und w√ľnsche ein musikalisches Weihnachtsfest! Prost!

  4. I would say that playing with words is a reasonably healthy obsession. There are so many, less savoury, things that one could be playing with.

    If you could combine it though, with an obsession with walking, think of things that the combination of healthy brain and healthy body could achieve. Mens sana in corpore sano (I may have missed off an important word there).

    So good health to you and yours - mind and body.

  5. Dammit! Mike has taken the words right out of my mouth again!

    Well, not those exact words, but words that carry the same meaning as the ones I would have selected.

    Love (get over my Americanism, Robbie - you know you like reading it) to you and VR and family, today and always.

  6. Happy Christmas withal, to RR and VR both, and thanks for everthing.

  7. Hmmm,BB/LDP/RR, I haven’t so much ebbed as lurked silently. But even as a Christmas denier and reformed blog commenter, I think it’s appropriate to say that I’m out here and still enjoying your ‘inconsistencies, lack of judgment and a fatal need to be clever’.


  8. A very happy Christmas to you and VR.

  9. Avus: Glad to see you back; those parked bikes were beginning to look distinctly lonely. No one to chat to about Ernst Degner, either.

    MikeM: Well thanks. A wonder, eh? Like the Seven Wonders, now reduced to memories. I could of course change the name of the blog: The Colossus of Rod, has a ring to it.

    RW (zS): My mum and yours. I remember your sorrows. But in the end I think you're an optimist, a fire to warm my hands by. Herzlich to you too.

    B2: Perhaps, but in the meantime you and B1 give greater meaning to "vicariously".

    The Crow: I embrace your Americanism, Crow: that curious can opener, the artistic plumbing, the dissertation on the Stilson wrench. And thanks in particular for helping me make Jana's instructor, Mike Brubaker ("Texan as a horntoad") into one of Out Of Arizona's most satisfying characters.

    Lucy: Withal. The old ones are still the best. Not forgetting oblation. Perhaps a photographic visit to an industrial estate in the new year. Or a bit of caulking. Cheers.

    FigMince: Welcome back. Yes, I'm muli-faceted, hence the wide range of failings. I'll be looking at Wendy Gets A Life in more detail shortly.

    Tom: The lunchtime star of Erquy! Glad we survived; felicitations.