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Saturday, 9 May 2015

Painful politics: part 2

The results of the UK General Election were even worse than I could have imagined and are summed up in these emails:

VR (to elder daughter PB): Bugger!

PB to VR: Quite.


  1. I have been reading comments in reference to an article about the UK elections written in a German paper and discovered that many Germans feel like you.

  2. Ellena: There's a good reason why the Germans are no happier than I am about the outcome of the recent British general election. David Camshaft our prime minister has promised that he will, in 2017, hold a referendum inviting the British people to decide whether the UK should remain a member of the European Union. The consensus is that the no-nothings among us will be easily massaged into saying yes to departure. Apart from being a cultural disaster there are horrible risks to our future as an exporting nation: about 60% of our exports go into EU countries.

    The Germans have behaved in an exemplary fashion regarding the EU (founded, among other reasons, to inhibit the possibility of war between the member states - notably Germany and France) and have done everything possible to hold the union together. And here we are on the brink of retreating into Little England status, in the belief that we can got it alone in an increasingly globalised world.

    Perhaps you can understand why I am not an instinctive patriot.

  3. Bellas comment on social media after the exit polls were released:


    It obviously runs in the family.

  4. We Blondes are still reeling at the implications for education. I can say no more ...

  5. Cool Kid: I am shocked that my granddaughter has been reduced to profanity: my oh-so-cool, so-terribly-well-educated granddaughter. But I sympathise wholeheartedly. Certain locutions which can only be rendered as initials (CS, MF) have slid through my mind.

    Blonde Two: I am moved to post yet again on this subject.