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Thursday 1 August 2019

Holiday scrapbook

End-on view of marvellous Millau viaduct on drive to Creissan.
British architect, Norman Foster, designed it and all France is
pleased with the result. I reflect on this as Brexit grinds away
towards its meanly isolationist end. 

RR (resurrected as Mr Punch) and VR
regard the Bouzigues oyster beds,  knowing full well
 some Tone Deaf readers can't abide oysters.
Dialogue at St Chinian street market, Languedoc, France.

Butcher: Monsieur?
RR: Your lamb liver has a price tag, your veal liver hasn't.
Butcher: That's so.
RR: This suggests the veal liver is more expensive. Terribly expensive.
Butcher and wife roar with laughter at my deduction. I order a small slice of veal liver and the butcher puts it on his scale.
Butcher (shouting): Two hundred euros! (ie, $220.77)
All three of us laugh.

NOTE FOR US READERS, NOTORIOUSLY SUSPICIOUS OF OFFAL. I fear this is the way things are in France.

When the reading exceeds 40 deg C where else would you go?
Creissan cemetery. Some graves, randomly adorned, look more
like a garage sale. (Below) Others await paying customers.


  1. Obviously waiting to go to your own English barber when you get back RR?

  2. Avus: Haven't been to a barber since I was in short pants. Regard them as gloomy concentrations of maleness - salons are much more lively. If it wasn't for Shara, my current stylist, who - I might add - charges a mere £9, I've been thinking of letting it grow. Part of a partially envisaged campaign to become a sage. No doubt you regard this as fanciful.

  3. I so enjoy the photos. It is nice to see you and VR relaxing.