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Thursday 12 December 2019


Thursday, December 12 2019
UK General Election

I woke at five and found myself selfish, cowardly, full of fear. I had wanted simplicity and had found it. It was no comfort. I am old, that’s inarguable. I am entering the final shortish period of my life when I shall depend more and more on the medical profession. Those stalwarts have served me well. But I can’t see this continuing.

It’s likely a proven liar will become UK’s prime minister. He has said our health services are not for sale. But he has said many things. In the wings stands another influential figure who has said that greater sales access to our health services will be a condition in any future trade negotiations. Bargains seem unlikely.

In the dark bedroom my uncertain feet seek my slippers. Perhaps I won’t need the medical profession, or, only incidentally. Perhaps my needs will be served by those with lesser skills, helping to wipe spilled food from my grubby shirt, zip up my fly, help me with my pills. Except there may not be enough of them to perform these tasks.

My children and my grandchildren may experience difficulties but I probably won’t care about them. I may not have the capacity for sympathy. A more horrible thought: perhaps I’ll have that capacity but won’t be able to express it.

In my selfishness I wanted the world to continue as it is. A late-life enthusiasm for music had me revelling in the sources of such music. But who cares about music when they’re out of work and must visit a food bank? If someone promises jobs and full bellies - even if they fib - who gives a toss about Dowland?

The selfish are rewarded in kind. Hence the fear.


  1. The shit will hit the fan and we are watching, some with glee.

  2. Sabine: None of whom I met in Stuttgart, Cologne (twice), Esslingen, Aachen or Dusseldorf, I'm glad to say.

  3. Alas,All politicians lie, RR. Some more brazenly than others. It seems to be their stock in trade.

    Someone once said that "democracy is imperfect, but no one has yet come up with a better system".

    So we have the Tories, who say they will deliver Brexit (somehow).
    The Liberals who will take us back into Europe.(ignoring a democratic vote)
    Labour who want to bankrupt the country and seem to dislike Jews
    And the frantic rest wanting to split the vote

    No wonder many do not know who to vote for.......

  4. Avus: But not every politician does it continuously. One positive detail: I do at least know who not to vote for. No doubt you disagree. But I hope I am not proved right when you spend eleven hours squatting on a Soiled Dressings bin, waiting to have an ingrowing toenail seen to.

  5. I'm hoping for the very best for England, and for Europe.

  6. Colette: Thanks for that. I'd love the very best but would settle for avoiding the very worst. Hope the knee is bearing up.

  7. I worry about this rise of fanatical leaders everywhere. What has happened to our world, I wonder all the time. I think avoiding the worst sounds like a good idea. May it be so.