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Wednesday 20 March 2019

Eine kleine Puzzle resolved

In what country would you expect to find this turreted structure? Get that right and the next question is: in what sub-section of that country? And overlooking which natural feature? Answers below.

BOTH MikeM and Sabine are of course right, if for different reasons. We stayed the night there to celebrate the sort of thing that crops up in families. The skyline is Snowdonia, the small ship in the Menai Strait is a dredger. Our bedroom had a projecting turret reminiscent of the punishment The Man In The Iron Mask was subjected to. But larger.

The CH radiators resembled goat skeletons and were fed by tubing 5 in. wide. Thus most of the heat helped warm the hotel's stone structure. Spent £22 on two rounds of Janneau armagnac, discussing Brexit with two other guests.

EN ROUTE to Anglesey I picked up snacks at a filling station and fell into a time warp (see small pic). The last time I drank dandelion and burdock I was wearing short pants. Wiki says it dates back to the Middle Ages when it was brewed from fermented dandelions and the root of burdock, a weed said to cure cancer, diabetes and inflammation. But an expert cautiously adds: "results have not been universally agreed upon."

It is said D&B is closest in taste to sarsparilla, one of the few US drinks I never cared for. The present version is fizzy and probably harmless. As I tilted the can I realised this would be the first time I'd drunk D&B chilled. The past came swimming back: both my knees were grazed, my hankie should have been washed three months ago, and I was worrying about the imminence of my death. I bought two cans but VR wasn't keen. Next time I'll be more exact and less Proustian.


  1. I think I do know because we missed the mailboat to Dublin too often to not go for lengthy drives around Anglesey, subsection of Wales.
    If you miss the boat you have 12 hours to spend. Can't name the natural feature, some sort of straight?

  2. Beaumaris Rd, Menai Bridge LL59 5NS, UK

    Chateau Rhianfa, overlooking the peaks of Snowdonia

    I got here quickly by saving the photo (intending to image match search)- and noting the file name...."chateau-rhianfa"

  3. so...Wales, Menai Strait may be the particular answers you're looking for. Tricky currents, capsized ferries, death, etc.