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Sunday, 25 September 2022

Can you help?

Scruffy but 'tis my own and loved (by me)

It had gone completely out of my mind, a novel called Breaking Up, started while I was still in the USA and completed on my return to the UK in 1972. About a middle-aged woman leading an embattled life in Garden City, NY, who leaves her abominable husband and enters a rackety relationship with a youth twenty-five years younger.

It interested a UK publishing agent and got moderately good responses from several UK publishers although none agreed to publish it. I recently retrieved it from the attic, re-read it, decided it was better than I remembered, had a notion to do a quick re-write, and pass it round a bit.

But the MS is typed and needs converting into a text file, Has anyone had experience with OCR software they can recommend? If I use your advice you get first dibs with the MS if you like.


  1. I use Canon's OCR software with my Canon flatbed scanner. The programme is called "Canon scan". I can recommend it for ease of use and accuracy.

  2. Avus: Thanks for that. Alas, my flatbed is HP and probably wouldn't work with the Canon software. What puzzles me is quite a few OCR packages (including Microsoft's!!!) are free. I suppose I could try them one by one..

    What were you typically converting? I face a 331-page MS which could be pretty tedious. Cheers.

  3. Ask Pat. He does a lot of OCR.

  4. Sorry, not anon. but you know who I am.